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it takes to restore the country. don't miss a second. let's go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i want to talk a little bit about restoring america. because that is the question. i've asked you this week does it matter if the president is surrounded by socialists and markists? yes. because that is not a resto restorati restoration. that is a rebuild. you want to rebuild america. great, we have a guy that wants to build it in a different way. but what if you want to restore america? well, if you have ever restored an old building and i have because i learned in connecticut. i learned the definition of the word "quaint" means crap. don't ever buy a house that's quaint. because you will have to strip it down. if you live in historic district, it's a pain in the neck, but when it's done, it's worth it. okay. so if we want to restore america, we have to what? we have to figure out how did it start? what did it look like? what was the foundation? well, the foundation of america was stone. strong, strength. make sure it stands. what is it? it's faith. truth is the other piece of it. that's th
on fox business an hour from now. >> glenn: america, welcome to the "glenn beck program." roll up your sleeves because we're going to do some work. americans have been saying for a long time, they just want to know the truth. they just want to know the truth, even if it's hard and they're willing to do it. well, okay, all right. today we tell you the truth, tell you the truth and all this week we show you how to slash the budget. but i worn you, i'm not going to have any friends left. there isn't anybody that won't be hacked off at me because when you see what we have to do, not to thrive, but to survive, americans might change their tune. we'll see how you will react. it's time to introduce you to the plan. c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. it's a working week. we're going to kind of keep you informed with what is going on in the news, but we have some amazing guests that are coming on this week that have been working with me on slashing the budget. it's an idea i want to lay out for you tonight and then please tell your friends, watch all this week. because somebody
. transformation is underway. c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: well, hello, america. i want to talk to you again about the fundamental transformation of america. it could happen tomorrow. i have to tell you, there a are -- it's like you can't catch your breath. how long have we been running? this has been a marathon now since last year. and there are some nasty things happening. maybe tomorrow. that will transform our country. you will add another star to our flag. you haven't heard this anywhere. you will tonight. and you better pay attention and call your friends and tell them, because it could happen tomorrow. the vote. now, before i give you the full details, there is something you have to understand, first. that is progressives. what is it that progressives believe? progressives are all about big government and power and control. it doesn't matter about democrat or republican. it's power and control. control over you. you don't choose for yourself. we'll give you some options. but we're not going to make them clear. we will give you some options and we'll control it. this is the european mo
. hello, america. i was talking to a friend of mine and we were talking about the constitution and some of the bills being passed in congress and i said that is 2800-pages. the constitution is four. when they wrote it out -- granted they were giant pieces of paper, but four. out of all of the things that the founders could have tackled first, what did they say? we're going to make promises to the states. we willle never violate these things. what was the first thing they chose? the first amendment, congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. freedom of religion. freedom of speech. speech and religion, number one. i don't think it was because a won a coin toss against excessive bail. i think they did it because it was the most important right to protect because of where they came from. they had just come from a country where you couldn't have that freedom. you couldn't choose your own religion or speak out against the government or the religion because they were one and if you did you better watch your back. also they knew history always repeats itself. history al
>> hello, america. i come up with a ton of weird ideas for shows, but this one -- is not weird. this is -- this is not one of them. you might think it is. but i think it's totally rational. one of the things i talk about all the time is the importance of educating yourself, knowing history. the only way to understand where the country is going is to understand history, america's past. back to my weird idea. it starts with this book, about a year ago, on this program this, book challenges you to think outside the box. the message is: things are changing. today, our solutions are failing, our war on terrorism spawns more terrorist, decisions made to curb financial crisis make things worse. so you need to be able to think the unthinkable. fantastic book. now, the next book, you look over here. here's the next one. the survivors club. the survivors club is fascinating because it's the secrets and science that could save your life. quite honestly, when this book first came across my desk, i wasn't interested in it. i thought -- it's like the survivor's wife's club or something. one
. not violent -- not racist, not violent, just no longer silent." c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. if you have been a listener of mine for gosh, it's almost been ten years now. me on the radio. then you might remember a time when hi radio show was based in comedy. i used to try to -- it was much more like jon stewart really on the radio. we would look at the news of the day. and try to make our points but make them in a funny way. obviously, i was conservetive, where jon stewart is not. but today, today, over the last ten years i have found myself in a position where i never intended on being. you know, the show is day-by-day is about as funny as smallpox quite honestly. and there is a lot of stuff i do that i don't want to. recently i got a lot of heat for telling "forbes" magazine that my company is an entertainment company. but only after they printed half of that quote from that conversation were people saying that. when they went back and wrote another story and finished the rest of the line, people understand what i was saying. my company is an entertainment compacompany, bu
, happy days are here again. look, america is back. the remarkable tale of the economic turn-around. you can read about that and hate on the right. wow! they got it all done. there is literally nothing else we need to do here. i think we just go home and turn out the lights. i'm serious. c'mon, guys. we can go now! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. welcome to day two, the beginning of the plan. what is the plan? yeah, i just like to hear it from washington, quite honestly. it's all the changes that need to happen to keep america from going broke. these are tough changes but they have to be made. c'mon, please, the dow hit 11,000 this week. the president said we're turning the corner. didn'tp you see all the good news? yeah. yeah. this is amazing propaganda. i've never seen anything like this. from the people who told us we're all socialists now. then when i started saying it, they said, "no, no, no socialist, how dare you. what kind of a racist are you for saying he's a socialist?" now they're on this one. america is back. and in this magazine, it's fantastic, because you can also read a
obama has a new nuclear policy i think ties america's hands and leaves us more vulnerable. i can't figure it out. then the s.e.c. fighting to control the internet with net-neutrality. the good news is the u.s. court of appeal ruled the s.e.c. lacks the authority to provide broadband providers to give equal treatment to all internet traffic but the s.e.c. says that's all right. we got another way of doing it. we'll just regulate it like a utility. i can't tell you what is happening in america anymore. i just know framework is being rebuilt. i want to show you something here on the chalkboard. we all know that our country is having problems. we know there is trouble. our house, it's a good house. it's a good house. but it's having real problems. if you are going to restore a home, as somebody who lived in connecticut and tried to restore a home, you better be careful on who you hire. because are you going to tear it down or restore it? what are you going to do? who are the architects? who are the contractors you're hiring to fix that up? tonight, i need to answer that question with
and duty. ben franklin, what is the religion of america, he said religion of america is easy. we believe there is a god. we believe we're going to die and then he said, what the heck have you been doing. the best way to please god is to serve others, do good to man. these guys did good to man because they were fighting for freedom. these guys were fighting for freedom. what better way to serve man than fight for it or protect or speak out for freedom. congress shall make no law respects go the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. the founders had fled an ideology, societies had some sort of uniformity. everybody get in church and we'll tell you what it is. church and state, great. it was the duty for the government to impose it. save the souls. you better not be a conformist. you would be executed. now god bless the founders. you are can be presbyterian, a mormon, follow the nut job down in miami that thinks he is jesus. as long as he is not telling to go kill people, i'm cool. jefferson said, breaks my leg or picks my pocket, it neither does either, what d
. a sake -- sacred red cow is led to slaughter. roll up your sleeves, here we go. hello, america. this week has been a primer to get your brain to think in a different mode. i liken it to america has cancer. now, is it stage one, stage networks stage four cancer? i think we're headed toward stage four cancer. how much to we have to cut? what do we have to do? thinking out of the box. we're not cutting spending, we're -- i mean it's insane what's going on. people at the coto institute have been putting budget proposal together and they're not making friends because people don't want their slice of the pie taken away. we're all going to lose a slice of pie. our relationship may be on the rocks after tonight. i'll send you candy or flowers because we zero in on even my own sacred cow tonight, national security and defense. according to the economist, america's overwhelmingly feel of cutting spending is the best way to reduce the deficit. cut spending, 5% they raised taxes. this is the one the political elite wants to do because this one is hard. as soon as you get the scalp out they run for th
happen, could it? ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. by the way, washington, we're on to you and we're keeping an eye on what you're doing on thursday. i wouldn't miss tomorrow's episode. the hate is flowing in america. especially in arizona. oh, it's like do you remember from "ghost busters" i think it was "ghostbuster ii." there it is. the river of slime oozing underneath the surface infecting everything. hate boiling up. well, here is how representative jared pollis described the mood in arizona. arizona law is like nazi germany. it's absolutely reminiscent of second class status of jews in germany. prior to world wire ii when they had -- world war ii when they had to show their papers and had them with them all the time and suspect to routine inspections at the suspicious of being jewish. i fear arizona is headed for a police state. boy, i'm glad somebody said it! arizona sure is putting the a-z in "nazi" aren't they? i hate to rain on the hate parade, but can we slow down just a second here? and ask you're out of your mind. am i alone in that? you are out of your mind! are you comparing t
this episode! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: so, hello, america. i was, i was on vacation last week. and i was at disney world buying a communist mao puppet for some reason they're selling there now. i'm thinking whatever happened to, whatever happened to -- what is going on in our country? what the heck is happening? how did we allow our country to get to this moment? it's so far beyond left and right and republican and democrat. it's so far beyond that. and then, i suddenly remembered, in my deepest, darkest moment of despair, i remembered something that nancy pelosi said. and it totally cheered me up. here it is! >> but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. >> glenn: like can of nuts, you have to open it up to find outs what is in it -- find out what is in it. that's not what i -- [ squeaking ] not really what i expected. surprise! you know what i mean? you open it up and you're like huh-uh, that's not what i expected. now let's open up the healthcare bill. who doesn't like a good surprise or two? i mean besides me. you know, maybe you. especially when it comes to our country. it
>> glenn: hello, america. welcome to the "glenn beck program." it's earth day! have you cut dun your earth day trip and put it in your living room? i decorate mine with heat lamps but that is a different story. we decided to turn on every light in studio because we have cockroaches to expose tonight in the bright lights. c'mon, lots to do! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. if you missed last night show, go back and watch it, please. this is important for you to understand. it is comb plex. you can find it -- complex. you with find it on the fox news websiwebsite. we are going to talk about acorn. remember them? a community organizing group with a soft spot for those in need. even the under-age sal va doirn dorian -- salvadoran sex slaves. yesterday, the funding ban was reinstated. this upset some people, especially acorn chief organizer bertha lewis. there she is! the media now is focussing on what she said while she was speaking at the conference of the young democratic socialists. the conference of the young democratic socialists. she at that meeting called the tea party movem
. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. welcome to friday. we're wrapping up our week of trying to develop some plan. i'm working on different ideas. we have to fundamentally change. the first thing we have to do is fundamentally change our thinking. faith, hope and charity. we need to be those things to be able to survive. then we need to think out of the box. the old ways aren't going to work anymore. do you remember this pledge from barack obama? >> absolutely we need earmark reform. when i'm president i'll go line-by-line to make sure we're not spending money unwisely. >> glenn: see that's what people, when they voted for change this is what they were looking for. they were looking for common sense. we haven't gone line-by-line. we had ear marks and they're doing nothing but adding to the budget. there is no subtracting what so ever. we added $1 trillion in healthcare, nearly $1 trillion in stimulus and he's now adding in massive tax increases. there is talking about there is no way to do this without the tax increases. yes, there is. if he won't go through the budget line-by-line, we will. it's go
[ applause ] >> glenn: hello, america. it's friday. we're going to try something for about a month. and see if anybody is still watching at the end of the month. we wanted to do something on fridays called founding fathers fridays. our founding fathers, boy, they have -- most people don't even know who they are anymore. they were once revered in this country as divinely inspired, courageous visionaries. over the past 100 years we have come to realize they were nothing but old, white heathens. the christian founding has been eliminate and now maybe they were dieiests at best. it started with woodrow wilson. he wanted to transform america with roosevelt and progressive movement started. 1915-1920. the whole thing was falling apart and they couldn't get america to go for it. they couldn't get, they couldn't control americans. they couldn't do it. they wanted to transform america and they wanted three things. one, undermine faith and religion. this is the point when social justice comes in. it's no longer about equal justice or about redemption. it's social justice. they got in our fai
'm going to give you a look into the mind of the guy i believe is the most dangerous man in america. can you name him? how he thinks anti-government groups should be dealt with. i also want to show you the principles we need to cling to. if you want to restore america, if you want to save it from becoming a progressive nightmare, i want to show you the train to get on. c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i have to tell you. i am so energized after our meeting last night with dr. king. i have thought about her words all last night and today. i have to tell you, we are on the right track. we are on the right track. don't you miss a single episode. don't miss it. don't miss a second of tonight's show. tonight i want to talk about goldman sachs, the supreme court justice nominee but i want to start with the daily cost, the far left wing blog said. here is what he said just the other day about tea parties. >> this is what the people voted for. it's one thing to post it on policy. it's another thing to use kind of exterminationist, eliminationist rhetoric they're using in appeal
that." yes, we can, and oh, yes, we will. c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i'm such a mess today. my watch is wrong. everything. i'm a little sleepy. ben drill. so the benadryl may kick in and i may pretend to take a nap before the end of the program. this week, we are talking about things that i think that we need to do and i think we need to think about to save america from going broke. if you think america can't go broke, this show is not for you. turn it over to spongebob squarepants and walk him talk to the crab for a while because you're in denial, jack. you don't belong here. people at cato institute put together great ideas and we've been talking about them. my ideas would be a little more extreme. yes. more extreme than like today, cato will show us how to cut the department of education. i say that doesn't go far enough. we have to make a choice as people whether or not we're going to survive or not. is america going to survive? is it going to thrive? or are we going to fundamentally transform to something nobody can describe or identify? if you thin
. okay. maybe it makes sense to everybody else. hello america. um... i am going to ask you what the hell is going on in our country? what's happening? to our country? we can sell a chairman mao doll in disneyworld. yet, freedom of speech, i tell you, that, that, we can do whatever you want there but don't speak out against it. no. no. stop your fear mongering. i wish i had the pupper. america practically invented free speech. free speech? no. never go away. it was invented here. yeah. if you don't think that freedom of speech can go away, you don't know history about these people. you don't know our own history. wood row wilson, i hate this guy. right there. hate this guy. we didn't learn anything about him. for a reason, because progressives control the history books. this guy was an evil gichl he imprisoned thousands of americans for speaking out against the united states involvement in world war i skpismt deck stated the news coverage. he's -- he's a guy with walter lipman that all journalists studied because he knew how to take care of the news. his policies were not popular. not onl
for the united states of america. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> mike: thank you, everybody, welcome. welcome to "huckabee" from the fox news studios in new york city. this man is nine years old. this is jeffrey and i thought he did a great job reciting the pream to believe the constitution of the united states. jeffrey, thank you very much. let's hear it for jeffrey! [ applause ] unfortunately, jeffrey is becoming a rarity these days, because just 230 years after the constitution was signed, a growing number of students and adults are hard-pressed to tell you what is in this great document that is the foundation of our nation. so i am a delighted somebody might be paying attention. jeffrey, you might want to tell the members of congress that haven't read it lately. take a look at it. it's worth reading. tonight we have an amazing show. you will love tonight. actress jeanine turner will be here and you know her as the star of hit tv shows like "northern exposure and" "friday night lights" and she will tell us about her effort to inspire kids to learn about the con
of shocks me when there is no outcry in america to news stories like this one over the weekend. the u.s., the u.s. is preparing to pivot from domestic regulatory reform to push for a new tough international capital regime. what does that mean? oh, new international capital regime. that's a bubble government. you know, a new world order for your money. we're talking about the foundation of international financial regulations and global governing. hmm. what happens if i don't like that global government? how do i vote them out? where are all the taxes go? who is getting that tax money? it's a trial balloon, gang. and i can't believe how quiet it is. i mean when i was growing up, you were not that different. didn't we used to hate the idea -- didn't i remember reading some place about global government, really bad, like spooky bad? i'm not all for that global government thing. here in america this weekend, the response has been total silence. am i alone? i got up this morning i even heard the republicans were all for this one. wow! how does that happen? oh, i remember. it's the evil gree
that will just say, look this corruption is bad. america will support people. i mean, the tickle fest was... it was a bit too far but america will support people who have been part of the system, and want out. they just want out. if you are doing it for the right reasons, please, contact us. i don't, like i said, i don't even know the names of the refou refounders, one guy does and he's the most honorable man i know. please, contact us. and, let us help you get out of this system. help refound america. we're going to go to another audience member, jane has a question for you. >> glenn: hi, jane. >> in light of the negative things going on in washington in our nation and the world, what positives can be pointed to and, specifically, what should america and its younger generation, in particular, remain optimistic about? >> glenn: i grew up in seattle, washington. and i remember when i moved to phoenix, arizona, i mean, seattle is cloudy 310 days out of the year. you don't see the sun for 310 days a year. it is amazing. and, i remember when i moved to phoenix, i actually stopped, i was walki
[ applause ] >> glenn: well, helhello, america. welcome to the "glenn beck program." tonight, we have another chapter in our special of time to be heard. this is a series we've done. nobody seems to be talking to black conservatives. you don't see a black conservative on television. we have done a couple episodes with black conservatives. these are young -- these are college students. yeah! and they're conservatives! what? i didn't think that existed. yes. and you will meet them tonight. we have students and recent college grads from princeton, n.y.u., fort hammond and more. i can't -- fortham and more. it can't imagine being a conservative and going to n.y.u. you somebody does it and lives to tell the story. the youngest here, we have two that are 15 years old. they're in high school. they're in business school, law school, nursing school. some of them might with the president of the united states if we last that long. you are looking at america's future. it's time for them to be heard. get to it. katie, we're going to -- you introduce yourselves and tell me your name, where you
! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. is it a stretch to say that freedom of speech is under attack in the united states of america? well, i could point to some evidence on things like if you question the president, or his policies, or this administration, the person that questions comes under vicious attack. we know that to be true. it has gotten to the point where obama's attack dogs have gone so far to accuse me of sedition. watch this. >> i did a little bit of research just before the show on this little napkin here and i looked at the definition of "sedition," which is conduct or language inciting rebellion against authority of the state. and a lot of these statements, especially the ones coming from people like glenn beck and to a certain extent sarah palin were right up close to being seditious. >> glenn: anti-government, anti-government speech -- anti-government speech defined by cass sunstein is a conspiracy theory. okay? anti-government. rush limbaugh was also attacked on the very same show. >> joe's right, and i'll name another person. name rush limbaugh who uses this and constantly ta
to turn your back on this destruction of america. >> mike: but there are critics who have accused him and others in the tea party movement of reconciling up hate and they compare those who speak out against government spending that costs billions and billions of taxpayer dollars to the angry mobs who protested against civil rights in the '60s. please welcome back to the show, jon voight. >> very nice to see you. >> mike: welcome back, jon. >> thank you, governor. >> mike: delighted to have you. >> nice to be here. these folks are willing to give you another oscar right here and now. >> isn't that nice. the first time i saw that. i didn't see it. it was very impressive. i didn't want to follow it. >> mike: well, it was a terrific day. there were many people there and yet when you read the news accounts of what happened that day, you would have thought that it was a racist rally. i'm going read a couple of things, jon, some of this is just stunning. >> should be fun. >> mike: it should be. here is one. i'm not even going to give these guys the benefit of telling their names or networks
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 58 (some duplicates have been removed)